MGanache   President - Cofounder, shareholder and administrator of MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES, Mr. Michel Ganache has nearly thirty (30) years of experience in information technologies. Working mainly as strategic advisor within various firms and governmental organizations on important projects with a high level of complexity, Mr. Ganache developed a solid expertise and an excellent understanding of the technologic stakes in improving management of business processes. This knowledge was put in contribution in the design of the world class solution of integrated management MANITOU, marketed by MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES.
MSohier   Vice-president Oracle and Java Development consulting service - Cofounder, shareholder and administrator of MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES, Mr. Marco Sohier is a manager and a consultant of high caliber in management which has more than twenty-nine (29) years of experiment in data processing. Having always worked in advanced technologies, Mr. Sohier stands out especially in projects related to new technologies. Having worked in a large variety of organisational contexts and multidisciplinary backgrounds, these elements enabled him to develop a great flexibility of adaptation from the methodological point of view and a strong sense of professionalism.
CLachance   Vice-president Technology consulting service - Shareholder and administrator of MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES, Mr. Claude Lachance has more than thirty (30) years of experiment in information technologies. Mr. Lachance is responsible for the Technologies sector of MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES and he also carries out complex technological mandates as manager of technological projects and technological architect. Moreover, Mr. Lachance coordinates the strategy, the positioning and the service offerings of the company for more than one hundred fifty (150) clients. The experiment of Mr. Lachance is also improved by his communication skills, his analytical mind, his methodical work and his engagement towards the common objectives of an organization.
DSte-Croix   Chief architect - Cofounder, shareholder and administrator of MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES, Mr. Daniel Ste-Croix has more than twenty-four (24) years of experience in information technologies. His fields of intervention include organic architecture, technological architecture and the overall system architecture. He distinguishes himself in the development of Web and mobile transactionnel sites, client/server, portal solutions, system development and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Mr. Ste-Croix is actually one of the leaders in Quebec area in the design of systems using Oracle APEX tool and its integration with other platforms. Mr. Ste-Croix is the coordinator of all activities of the expertise center and technical manager of the RS&DE portion of the company.
MGuetat   Vice-president Mobility and Web consulting service – Shareholder of MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES, Mr. Mohamed Guetat has more than twelve (12) years of experience in information technologies. With his experience and his knowledge of the TI market, Mr. Guetat participates in the business development strategies of MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES. He also holds a solid experience in new technologies enabling him to offer a broad range of technical and/or organisational solutions. Mr. Guetat intervenes mainly among his customers in the fields of project management, architecture and functional analysis, Web systems design and support and users training. Mr. Guetat stands out by his capacity of listening and analysis, his facility to solve complex files, his team spirit, his ease of integration and his desire to meet new challenges. He is recognized for his effectiveness and his innovating solutions.
GPleau   Finance director - Shareholder of MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES, Mrs. Guylaine Pleau has nearly twenty (20) years of experience within various organizations including ten (10) years of experience in the field of information technologies. Mrs. Pleau stands out by her skills of management and her strong capacities of analysis and strategic interpretation of the results. She also holds a solid experiment and an excellent comprehension of business and project financing structure. She is recognized for her relational skills at all levels and her ability to lead several projects at the same time
NicolasC   Human Resources Director - Shareholder and director of MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES, Mr. Nicolas Clusiault has more than thirteen (13) years of experiment in human resource management. He holds a bachelor degree in industrial relations and a Master in Business Administration (MBA). Mr. Clusiault stands out by his understanding of organizational structures and the impact of these on the human factors. Mr. Clusiault is recognized for his analytical capacity, his systemic vision and his passion for the sustainable development of the organizations where he works.
SergeL   Consulting Service Director - Shareholder and director of MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES, Mr. Serge Léveillée has more than twenty- one (21) years of experience in information technologies, particularly in management of databases Oracle and SQL Server. As director, Mr. Léveillée is responsible of the Technologies sector of MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES. He has extensive experience in implementing high-level systems as well as support of developers. Moreover, he has excellent skills in managing work teams and complex projects. Mr. Léveillée is particularly appreciated of his peers for his expertise and his relational abilities.


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